Center advantages

  1. Fast and flexible procedures
    The arbitration procedures in force at the Center achieve the most important elements required in commercial life, namely the elements of speed and flexibility, due to its simplicity, smoothness, speed and reluctance to adhere to the formal procedures that we find before the courts, and the natural result of that is the issuance of conciliation decisions and arbitration awards in a short period of time that gives the parties the opportunity to preserve Their rights.
  2. Confidentiality of conciliation and arbitration procedures
    The most important thing that the Center’s rules and procedures achieve for resolving commercial disputes for opponents – from merchants, businessmen and investors – is to ensure the confidentiality of procedures for managing conciliation and arbitration cases. This guarantees the confidence of the parties to the conflict, and keeps their business deals secret. Which leads to the continuation of their relationships and business interests.
  3. Low cost fees for resolving commercial disputes
    Arbitration that takes place under the Center’s procedures constitutes an effective element in resolving disputes, as it saves money, which is the main element in commercial transactions.
  4. Parties are free to choose conciliation and arbitration bodies
    Arbitration and conciliation that takes place according to the rules in force with the Center is based on a basic principle, which is the freedom of the parties to agree to form conciliation and arbitration bodies, and the opportunity to choose arbitrators specialized in technical, professional and legal aspects, according to the nature of the dispute. This has a very important impact, which is reflected in the issuance of conciliation decisions and fair arbitration .